Why buy recycled?

Recycled curtains are only a fraction of the cost of having curtains made-to-measure.

At The Curtain Exchange we often have stunning fabrics by Brusnchwig & Fils, Colefax & Fowler and Jim Thompson, to name just a few, that are no longer made. Treasure indeed!

Have more luxurious curtains than you might otherwise afford. We have a large range of silks which are gorgeous way to decorate a bedroom, dining room or opulent lounge.
Like us, our customers are interested in sustainability and upcycling existing objects. We love that most of our curtains have a new life in a new home.

Our recycled curtains are always in excellent condition. Browse online or visit us in store to see the large and ever-changing range of high quality recycled curtains.

Curtains save energy, money and the environment!

Here are some facts about energy saving:

  • A decrease in temperature by just 1 degree adds 10% to your heating bill.

  • Local and State government are now recommending the installation of curtains in homes to achieve the optimal energy rating.

  • During autumn and winter, uncovered windows account for 40% of heat loss.

  • During spring and summer uncovered windows account for 50% of heat gain.

  • Heat loss through glass can be reduced by curtains with lining.

  • The higher the lining thickness the greater the insulation.

  • Curtains that are closely fitted to your windows are the most effective way to reduce heat loss at night and during winter.

  • Curtains also provide privacy.

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