How to measure for curtains

We can help find the right pair of curtains if you bring measurements when you visit The Curtain Exchange.

Basically, we need to know the width and height of your windows.

1. Width of window             

Measure to the outside of the architrave.

2. Width of pole

The track or pole set should extend 20cm - 40cms beyond the window architrave on both sides, depending on the size of the window. Additional can be added for wider windows. This extra space allows for the curtain to be drawn away from the window making the most of your view.

If you don't have a pole already, just bring the measurement of the window width! 

3. Distance from pole to floor (drop).

The curtain drop (length) is from your curtain rod, pole or track, to the floor.

If you do not have a rod or pole currently above your window, just measure from the top of the window frame to the floor.


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